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Member Blog Posts

Members Blog Posts

  • Joy Riley wrote a new blog post: AvatarFHFA Announces Big Strategy for GSEs   11 hours, 18 minutes ago · View

    The FHFA has come out and announced their GSE strategy for 2015-2019. Guess they’ll be sticking around for a while huh? Before we get started we’ve got to remind you that the MGIC Go Program could get you out of your approve ineligible jam. Just a few simple overlays could take you from turn-down to touchdown. [...]

  • Fred Kreger wrote a new blog post: AvatarHouse Passes Bill to Fix Privilege Waiver Problem for Nonbanks   11 hours, 56 minutes ago · View

    House Passes Bill to Fix Privilege Waiver Problem for Nonbanks Posted: 27 Aug 2014 11:52 AM PDT Keith R. Fisher A bill ( H.R. 5062 ) recently passed by the House of Representatives would amend the Consumer Financial Protection Act (the CFPA), which is Title X of the Dodd-Frank legislation, to provide protection against waiver of state and federal [...]

  • Bob Brenner, CMPS, MBA wrote a new blog post: AvatarFHFA Announces Big Strategy for Fannie and Freddie   14 hours, 5 minutes ago · View

  • The Battle Buddy Foundation is the only national non-profit organization founded by veterans with the combined mission of assisting other veterans in the acquisition of psychiatric and mobility service dogs, providing a network of peer support and activity, and promoting education and awareness of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and the current [...]

  • Kris Weninger wrote a new blog post: AvatarEverything Old is New Again   1 day, 10 hours ago · View

    In the world of home décor, everything old is new again. From repurposed furniture to scraped hardwood floors and over-dyed rugs, there’s a new vibe in our homes. And it comes from the past. Why? As futurist Richard Watson noted in a article on nostalgia, it’s about the uncertainty of life in the future: “The yearning [...]

  • Joy Riley wrote a new blog post: AvatarDodd Frank Part 2 Coming Soon   1 day, 11 hours ago · View

    Did you know that only half of the rules and regulations of the Dodd Frank bill have been implemented? Where will the cost of doing business go once the other half is rolled out? On-line lead guys and gals. LoanTek is your Huckleberry! They are running about 60% purchase deals right not and what’s more is [...]

  • Fred Kreger wrote a new blog post: AvatarMichelle’s Echo: CAMP’s Weekly Messenger   1 day, 13 hours ago · View

    Wednesday, August 27, 2014 I would really like to acknowledge the people who were affected by the strongest earthquake to hit Northern California in 25 years. When I think back to the 1989 when Loma Prieta Earthquake hit and I remember the eerie feelings that came after that. Even though none of my family and friends [...]

  • Fred Arnold wrote a new blog post: AvatarSCVOne Water, helping protect Santa Clarita’s water   1 day, 14 hours ago · View

    SCVOne Water was formed to help our valley manage our water resources. Working with the sanitation district on funding for new facilities and other regulatory agencies to help us improve our management of water. Jeanne Duarte is the Chairman and Project Manager of SCVOneWater. To find out more go to SCVONEWATER.ORG “Out of the Rough” [...]

  • FHFA House Price Index Shows Gains for Twelve Consecutive Quarters U.S. House Prices Up 0.8 Percent in Second Quarter
    Washington, DC – The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) announced today that U.S. house prices rose 0.8 percent in the second quarter of 2014, according to its purchase-only, seasonally adjusted House Price Index (HPI).  This is the [...]
  • Joy Riley wrote a new blog post: AvatarHidden Industry Opportunities   2 days, 11 hours ago · View

    Where there is trouble there is typically opportunity, and the mortgage and real estate industry is no different. Before we get started. The NAMB Convention is next month in Vegas. I think we’re still hungover from last year. Anyway, it’s always a great time. You can get more info by CLICKING HERE. But what’s more is [...]

  • Fred Arnold wrote a new blog post: AvatarSmarter Banking with Logix Federal Credit Union   2 days, 14 hours ago · View

    Logix is smarter banking. Offering our member’s great rates, lower fees, unbelievable service and relationship rewards. VP of Sales James Davis and Kevin Rishko, Branch Sales Manager of Santa Clarita discuss the many benefits of banking with Logix FCU. Logix is banking with a twist: customers become members and part-owners when they open an account. [...]

  • Bob Brenner, CMPS, MBA wrote a new blog post: AvatarHidden Industry Opportunities   2 days, 15 hours ago · View

  • Joy Riley wrote a new blog post: AvatarNapa Rock and Roll   3 days, 11 hours ago · View

    As you all know, we had kind of a big deal earthquake over here. Our office is only about 25 miles from Napa as the crow flies so we got a pretty rude awakening early Sunday morning. We won’t get into any details because main stream media has covered all of that. Needless to say a [...]

  • Jennifer Haus wrote a new blog post: AvatarCustomary Closing Costs … who pays what?   3 days, 13 hours ago · View

    Customary Closing Costs for Alameda County and Contra Costa County for buyers and sellers. Buyer will Typically pay these closing costs- * Escrow fee (ask Title Co for quote). * Owner’s Insurance Premiums CLTA (Title Company will quote). * Lender’s Title Policy Premiums ALTA (Title Company will quote). * Document Preparation (ask Title Company for [...]

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