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Member Blog Posts

Members Blog Posts

  • Joy Riley wrote a new blog post: AvatarThe American Real Estate Invasion   13 hours, 4 minutes ago · View

    There’s an invasion going on here in America, and it’s on our Real Estate! Before we get started, we have to let you know that if you’re an individual or a company that builds their business on internet bought leads, you’ve got to check out LoanTek. These guys have the best on-line lead tracking system on [...]

  • Bob Brenner, CMPS, MBA wrote a new blog post: AvatarThe American Real Estate Invasion   17 hours, 20 minutes ago · View

  • Bob Brenner, CMPS, MBA wrote a new blog post: AvatarJust Like the IRS Loses Emails, CFPB Loses Rehab Paperwork…   17 hours, 56 minutes ago · View

  • Joy Riley wrote a new blog post: AvatarCFPB Loses Rehab Paperwork Like IRS Loses Emails   1 day, 13 hours ago · View

    The CFPB just rehab’d their headquarters for over $200 million and can’t seem to find any of the paperwork showing how the money was spent. How strange. Before we get started make sure you look into REMN Wholesale if you’re looking for work as an AE in Southern California and Hawaii. These guys are top notch [...]

  • Fred Kreger wrote a new blog post: AvatarHARP to extend until 2016   1 day, 18 hours ago · View

    Falls in line with HAMP Federal Housing Finance Agency Director Mel Watt is focusing additional effort on capturing the significant proportion of eligible HARP refinances left. However, according to Compass Point Research & Trading, Watt might have more time to accomplish this feat. Watt, along with housing experts and community leaders, will meet in a [...]

  • Kelly Bone wrote a new blog post: AvatarGreat Rambler in South Ogden, 2 Car Garage!   2 days, 15 hours ago · View

  • Bob Brenner, CMPS, MBA wrote a new blog post: AvatarWhy Won’t Buyers Buy?   2 days, 16 hours ago · View

  • Fred Kreger wrote a new blog post: AvatarNAMB The Monday Morning Messenger 07/07/2014   2 days, 17 hours ago · View

    Monday, July 7 I hope that everyone had a great time celebrating our country’s 238th birthday. I hope that you were able to spend time with your family and friends, and everyone remained safe. Happy birthday USA! I know that we will not be having fireworks and such at the anniversary of NAMB at NAMB National, [...]

  • Joy Riley wrote a new blog post: AvatarWhy Won’t Buyers Buy?   2 days, 18 hours ago · View

    Thanks for tuning into today’s show! With all the stats out their pointing to a buyers frenzy, why isn’t it happening? Listen if you’ve got those buyers that are in that 3 to 5 year waiting period after a short sale or foreclosure who would rather secure a sales price on a home now then take [...]

  • Fred Kreger wrote a new blog post: AvatarCAMP Monday Morning Messenger   2 days, 18 hours ago · View

    Monday, July 7, 2014 I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and were able to enjoy yourselves. I took a little time off and spent the weekend with family down in Coarsegold (about 30 minutes east of Fresno). We are officially more than half way through the year. Have you had a chance to review [...]

  • George Fotion wrote a new blog post: AvatarPalos Verdes Demographics   5 days, 9 hours ago · View

    With about 90% of all buyers using the internet to find a home, you can bet that buyers are also studying the demographics for the various areas of South Bay homes as part of the decision making process before choosing a neighborhood. This is one reason why my site gets thousands of hits each month… THOUSANDS and [...]

  • Remoun Said wrote a new blog post: AvatarHappy 4th of July From The Flying Remo   6 days, 10 hours ago · View

    Happy 4 th of July from our Team… Including our newest member…”The Flying Remo”.  Whatever you decide to do, please make sure you are save doing it. Interested in Selling or Buying, call or text 562.762.8581. You can also check us out on  Facebook and the other Social Media platforms ( YouTubeTwittier , <a title="RemoTheRealtor Yelp" href="; [...]

  • It has been quite some time since we have had a week of so much positive economic news coming out in such a short period of time.  From housing, to employment, to manufacturing, to construction spending…they are all improving at a rate faster than almost anyone expected.  Although this is only a report for one [...]

  • NAR: HAWK Program Could Do More Author: Derek Templeton July 2, 2014 The  National Association of Realtors  (NAR) lent its support Monday to the Homeowners Armed with Knowledge (HAWK) pilot program but has concerns that it will not do enough to lower insurance premiums for homebuyers. In a  letter sent to HUD, the organization reiterated its appreciation for the Federal Housing [...]

  • Joy Riley wrote a new blog post: AvatarOver 600K Refinances Still Available   6 days, 18 hours ago · View

    FHFA says that there are still over 600,000 refinances available out there for the taking. Who’s going to get them, you? Before we get started let’s not forget about MGIC’s S/E Calculator. You put the tax return data in, push the button and your income comes out! EZ yes? It’s also very easy to get. All [...]

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