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Member Blog Posts

Members Blog Posts

  • Bob Brenner, CMPS, MBA wrote a new blog post: AvatarGreat New HUD Program Coming!   12 hours, 39 minutes ago · View

  • Joy Riley wrote a new blog post: AvatarGreat New HUD Program Coming   20 hours, 15 minutes ago · View

    HUD has a new program coming out this fall that actually looks pretty darn good! Before we get started, there is a webinar this Thursday with Heartland Credit that will show you how they are able to convert 86% of the credit turn downs sent to them into qualified buyers. So if you’re not working with [...]

  • Fred Kreger wrote a new blog post: AvatarCredit Unions Claim 100 Million Members   20 hours, 30 minutes ago · View

    Should Banks Worry?

    AUG 13, 2014 2:30pm ET

    WASHINGTON — Credit unions have new grist for their PR machine — and perhaps another statistical argument with banks. Membership in the not-for-profit alternatives to banks hit 100 million last week, the Credit Union National Association said. CUNA officials and others reveled in the [...]

  • Fred Arnold wrote a new blog post: AvatarTeaching people healthy lifestyles, Nadia Lopez of Hardcore Fitness   21 hours, 37 minutes ago · View

    Hardcore Fitness Boot camp is the premiere cross training, indoor boot camp, or group training gym in the Santa Clarita Valley. The gym is designed to implement personal training quality workouts in a group setting for a fraction of the cost of standard personal training sessions. Hardcore Fitness offers the 60 Day Challenge with a [...]

  • Joy Riley wrote a new blog post: AvatarGovernment Finally Getting Sued   1 day, 15 hours ago · View

    Finally and organization has stepped up to sue the Government over their reckless and irresponsible handling of the GSE’s. Loan Officers! Renovate your business with REMN’s Renovation Webinar this week! Renovation loans are a vital asset to any loan originator and they are a great source of revenue. So why not learn all about them and [...]

  • Fred Kreger wrote a new blog post: AvatarCFPB publishes annual CARD Act, HOEPA and QM adjustments   1 day, 16 hours ago · View

    CFPB publishes annual CARD Act, HOEPA and QM adjustments Posted: 18 Aug 2014 08:39 AM PDT Barbara S. Mishkin The CFPB has published a final rule regarding various annual adjustments it is required to make under provisions of Regulation Z (TILA) that implement the CARD Act, HOEPA, and the ability to repay/qualified mortgage provisions of Dodd-Frank.  The adjustments [...]

  • Eric Gausepohl wrote a new blog post: AvatarRates at a Glance for This Week   1 day, 16 hours ago · View

    Rates at a Glance for This Week Each week, we bring you an inside look at how mortgage rates are performing.  If you’re thinking of purchasing or refinancing, you can use this information to help you decide if now is the right time for you.  If you’re still not sure and need some guidance, give us [...]

  • bothomas wrote a new blog post: AvatarFICO 9 will I get my 25 points?   1 day, 17 hours ago · View

    Will you get your estimated 25 points FICO is estimating? Will Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac ever use FICO’s new version?

  • Bob Brenner, CMPS, MBA wrote a new blog post: AvatarGovernment Finally Getting Sued!   1 day, 19 hours ago · View

  • Fred Kreger wrote a new blog post: AvatarNAMB The Monday Morning Messenger 08/18/2014   1 day, 21 hours ago · View

    Monday, August 18 Well we are only four weeks away from the start of NAMB National’s 40th Anniversary Party. Are you registered to come? Do you have your hotel reservations locked in? Right now, we have more than 2,000 registered to come to the event. My goal for registrations was 2,600, and it looks like we [...]

  • Realtor Joyce Blackburn discusses what’s going on in the real estate market in Santa Clarita. Joyce is a Realtor at Realty Executives Valencia. To find out more email at, or visit or call 661-964-1675. “Out of the Rough” host, Fred Arnold is a mortgage professional with American Family Funding. To contact Fred go [...]

  • Nav Thakur wrote a new blog post: AvatarHome Affordability Drops to 6 Year Low   3 days, 17 hours ago · View

    Despite falling mortgage rates, homeownership costs increased through this year’s second quarter. For the first time since 2008, fewer than 63% of U.S. homes were affordable to households earning the national median income, assuming a 30 year fixed mortgage interest rate and modest down payment. With home prices expected to rise into 2015, is now [...]

  • Joy Riley wrote a new blog post: AvatarLender Pays Ridiculous Fine   4 days, 16 hours ago · View

    So a lender, Freedom Mortgage, got fined for discriminating against “disabled” people. Why in the world would a lender intentionally do something like this? Uh… they wouldn’t. If you missed the FSBO webinar yesterday, no problem, you can catch it here over on your far right. There’s about 6 minutes of chat before the visual presentation [...]

  • Mortgage applications have continued to decline week to week and the Purchase Index for the week ending on August 8 was the lowest level seen since February. A potential clue to the decline could be lack of affordable inventory that is within reach of the middle-class, according to RealtyTrac. “Eighty-one percent of the U.S. population lives in [...]

  • Fred Arnold wrote a new blog post: AvatarHow to build community based relationships, Chris Chapleau   4 days, 21 hours ago · View

    How to build community based relationships to increase b2b sales. Chris Chapleau is Branch Manager for American Business Machines. An active member of the community, he is currently the Chairman of the Board for the Valley Industry Association. To find out more about the Valley Industry Assoc., go to or call 661-294-8088. “Out of [...]

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